Friday, August 27, 2010

Chelsea + Rusty

    I love maternity sessions.... and Chelsea and Rusty were so much fun. Chelsea is beautiful, and Rusty just went with the flow, and went along with all my crazy ideas. Such a smart man you have Chelsea... ha ha. I can't wait to meet Gracey!

The Curtis Family

   I love this the light, the trees, and this beautiful family.

Little Miss Hagan...has the prettiest eyes ever. This shot was in the middle of an outfit change, and it's one of my favorites! 

I think every kid should have a pair o Chuck Taylors! Love em!

Hagan loved the apples, and she had a green mouth by the end of the session to prove it!

The Smith Family

 They are such a beautiful family....thank you for driving over an hour just to have a session with me!  Eric.... I forgive you for being an Alabama Fan.... ha ha. Just kidding!!

Thank you Ishel's sister for coming along for the were such a big help! She made Shiloh smile so much! Aren't these three- just stunning?!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Ballard Family

  I loved the is my favorite color...just sayin.

Randi Jo + Leann

     Sisters....they fight, laugh, and most importantly love. I remember growing up, my sister and I fought A LOT,  and even now we still fight A LOT, but I love her more than anything! I love when I get the chance to have sessions like Randi Jo's and Leann. They are super close sisters who are so beautiful and I enjoyed hanging out with them! If you have a sister, call her today and tell her how much you love her : )


How perfect is his sweet little face?!


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