Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Brother

 Growing up, my brother and I fought like cats and dogs. Seriously, he used to beat the crap out of me! He used to invite his friends over and beat me up for entertainment...brutal, I know! After all the fights, tears,  broken objects, screaming matches, and driving my parents almost insane, we still love each other.  He still makes my blood boil (because we are both sooo stubborn and hot headed) but he is my big brother ,and I love him more than he will ever know. He is such a strong man, a great father and husband, and although he is leaving TN, I will forgive him, because now I get to go visit the beautiful and sunny beaches in Orange County...whoo hoo. SWEET!  I can hear VACATION already....should I book my tickets now or wait till they get settled in? Ummmm ok I will wait.  Kyle, Sheila, and my chunky little monkey,  Kale- I love you so much and we will miss you! If you have a brother or sister, please tell them how much you love them!

                                Kale is getting so chunky....check out his cheeks. I just love him!

             I just had to get a close up....of his beautiful face! I am soooo jealous of his eye lashes!

I will miss yall, but we will see you soon! Love yall so much.....I am looking forward to the beach already!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Session...downtown Nashville

 This family is so amazing! Talene is my cousin, and she is truly such an amazing mother and woman. Someone who I admire. She is such a beautiful christian woman, and awesome mother. I just love her and her kids....they grow up so fast! We decided to go downtown Nashville for their session, and we had a blast. Thank you again!

The beautiful Talene and her children, Cherith, Rachel, and Turner

Aren't they just a beautiful family?! 

 Talene looks like she could be their sister....I am a little jealous! 

You have raised some great kids Talene!


Bubbles & Smiles!

Bath Time! Taking a time out to take pictures that really speak to my heart! Just knowing that they won't be little forever, and they won't need my help forever -makes me tear up BIG TIME. I just love looking at my boys in the tub, laughing and smiling! This makes me happy!
They hate getting their hair washed.....isn't that all kids?!

Father like Son

Seeing a father with his newborn one of the most amazing site ever! You can just feel how much Charlie loves being a daddy by these next few images. Charlie and Trisha, your son, Camden, is so cute! Thank you again for letting me be there to witness the love you have for your son!

Camden looks just like his daddy!


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