Monday, September 20, 2010

Mother Like Daughter

Tracey and her beautiful daughter McKenzie.....brought all their model moves and fabulous style to their Mother/Daughter session, and we had sooooooo much fun. Within seconds of talking to Tracey on the phone I knew we would be friends. Girls I had a blast.

Kerri & Josh


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Regina & Mike

  Regina and Mike have been waiting weeks even months for their Engagement Session! We have had to reschedule so many times due to the horrible flooding in TN, and just bad weather in general every time we booked a date for their engagement session....and it was worth the wait, because we had an amazing time during their session, and even got out of paying a fee to take pictures at the location we went to. Talk about awesome. Regina & two are an amazing couple! Thanks for making this session so perfect!

Jana & Brandon

 I am so excited about Jana and Brandon's wedding! These two were SO much fun during their Engagement Session. They were so smitten over each other, and not to mention they are a beautiful couple. Brandon.....I know you will be a wonderful husband, because you know how to make Jana smile and laugh. It was so sweet to see yall so in love. Thank you for letting me a part of your wedding.

Can't you just tell how in love they are with each other! It's just magical.

I seriously think Jana looks so much like Jamie Lynn Spears!

The Thornton Family


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