Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jali and Dakotah

These girls are so beautiful & honestly kept me laughing the whole entire shoot. They are so sweet! We went to several different locations for their session....and honestly, I could of taken pictures of them ALL day. That's how perfect these girls are. Thanks so much girls. Enjoy!

Yes....their parents are going to have to lock them in their rooms when they get older, because they are so beautiful!

Dakotah......she has grown up so much....I remember when she was sooooo little. So pretty!

Jayli aka- Little Cameron Diaz....she is so sassy, and did I mention she was my assistant for the day. She helped me carry all my equipment! She was such a big help!

And we ended the session with this perfect shot! LOVE it

Cute girl with a Cute Name.....Berlyn

 My cousin from Florida came to visit...and I had to get a couple of shots of her oh so cute 9 month old daughter, Berlyn....did I mention she has the most BEAUTIFUL brown eyes! I am so jealous of this girls eyelashes... : ) Love yall!

                         I told you her eyes were outta this world awesome!! Isn't she beautiful?!

Ava Jean is turning 2!

  Wow....things have been crazy busy, and I am so thankful. Last week I got to meet up with my friend, Jean and her beautiful daughter, Ava. I can't believe she is turning 2 already! I hardly ever get to spend time with Jean and Ava because we are both so busy with our crazy schedules, but whenever we do get together it's like we never skipped a beat. I adore these two, and I love them to death. I am also looking forward to Ava's little sister, Leah, who will be introduced into this world in July....whoo hoo!

Here is the Birthday girl, AVA! She is so beautiful!
I have been wanting to use these tires for awhile now...but I was waiting for the perfect kid....just so happens Ava Jean was the perfect kid.....she was so awesome on our shoot..did I mention her session was almost 4 hours long.....and she is 2! I'd say that makes her pretty awesome!

And we also went to 3 different locations for Ava's shoot! Happy Birthday AVA!

I love these next few images of Ava at this old, barely standing house.
Ava is excited for her baby sister, Leah Grace to be here in July! So am I!!

At the very end of our session, we went to Jean's grandparent's home, who are now in Heaven. This is such a special place to Jean, she spent a lot time growing up at this house. She has a picture of herself walking on this same wall when she was Ava's age so it was super special to her to have a picture of Ava as a child walking on this wall. It was very emotional and I am soooo thankful that I got to be apart of it. So please..... go see your Grandparents today and let them know how much you love them!
Happy Birthday AVA.... Love, Junette.....as she calls me. LOL.


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