Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Life

    I have been so scared to blog about "myself" on my blog (duh.... I know that sounds crazy, because it is my blog and all...ha ha)  I was afraid that it wouldn't look "Professional" and in reality I want my clients to know me on a deeper level other than "the lady with the camera" ha ha. I am human too, and I honestly want to put everything on the table and I want my clients to feel comfortable around me....especially during our session. I am such a talker the day of the session, because I want my clients to feel like I am just one of their friends taking their pictures.  I have been so blessed that normally after every session I become great friends with my clients, and it's pretty dang awesome!! I truly believe I have the best and most supportive clients ever. 
   Over the past several months my personal life has had so many changes, and thankfully everyone has  been so understanding. It has been probably one of the biggest challenges of my life to go through this divorce, but I know GOD has huge plans for my kids and I, and this business is just a major bonus. I am able to witness LOVE everyday....whether I am shooting a couple that is completely smitten over each other during an Engagement Session, a beautiful couple who are about to say " I DO" at their Wedding, or during a Family Session when the family is so happy & perfect they are like the Brady Bunch.  Love is everywhere and I refuse to be bitter or angry, and though my life isn't going as I just means that I really need to embrace the Love & Beauty that I do have around  me ....which is GOD, My three amazing children, my family and friends, and my amazing clients.

     I debated on posting this .....ummmm just about all week long, but ya know- I am who I am, and I am proud of me. XoXoXoXo.....and that a whole -lotta- love!!
I chose this shot for this blog post, because these three kiddos are what keep me going each day. I am only looking towards the future, and its going to be awesome!
Brody, Lexi, and Colton- You three are my world!

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Amanda Evans | IMAGES said...

I am so proud of you too :)
I love who you are.
I think being friends with you has made me a better person. You have taught me so much, not only with PS :) but also about life.

You are super fun and your clients are making a good choice when they choose you... I know. Personal experience talking here. You pictures are wonderful. And who you are is perfect. I love you and your family!!!
Love the post!


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